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Getting back to the Dragon Eye manga series, we leave off with the Exhibition Tournament as Hibiki and Akira battle one another.

Story overview:

The competition between Hibiki and Akira continues in a long and drawn out display of abilities, cunning, and skill. Hibiki is finally able to take the win and the crowd watches with stunned surprise. After the match, Akira seeks out Hibiki and tells him that he will not acknowledge him because he is not a true warrior.

Lan-Lan shows up and teases Issa some more, but she agrees to go and help find the missing Sōsei and Leila, who happen to be tied up with spell notes. One of the Dracules talks to Leila and tries to interrogate her, but his foolish personality allows Leila to do the interrogating on him. Once Sōsei wakes up the two of them find a way to escape.

Sakuraba convinces Issa to continue the tournament rather than try and find his two teammates. Issa reluctantly agrees and defeats his magical opponent in five minutes, even with the nasty trick of attacking Issa’s Dragon Eye. Meanwhile Hibiki prepares his own magical defense as he takes on the same Higher Master who defeated Leila. It is a close battle, but Hibiki’s special trick worked in the end. Unfortunately for Mikuni City, it appears as if the Dracules are getting close to disabling the defenses, which would allow more Dracules to enter the city.

My thoughts:

This series as a whole is an exciting page turner. No less for this volume.

Things to consider:

Leila was stripped down to her underwear when captured, but the Dracule claimed it was because he needed to check for weapons. I don’t see this as totally inappropriate, since; nothing is really shown, in fact, there’s less shown here then if she was wearing a bathing suit. To me, this is funny because of Leila’s reaction, and not to be taken seriously. Still, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Opportunities for discussion:

The motivations between Akira and Hibiki are completely different. Hibiki feels like he wants to prove to everyone that he is the strongest where Akira is all about being a team player and a true warrior. Ask your teen who they think has the better and more moral standing. Then ask them how they can apply this to their lives.

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