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The Book of ThreeContinuing my mission of recapping books read to me as a kid, I recently picked up “The Book of Three” to get a refresher.

I remember being captured by the idea of a pig being so important, and the hero chasing after her, but I had forgotten most of the other things that took place.

Story overview:

Taran, a young Assistant Pig-Keeper, chases after Hen Wen, a pig, who escapes after sensing the presence of the evil Horned King.

Taran finds himself in the presence of Gwydion, a crown prince, and the two of them go together to find the pig, accompanied by a Gollum-like creature named Gurgi.

After being captured, Taran meets Princess Eilonwy, and the two of them find themselves escaping from Queen Achren and continue the journey in search for Hen Wen and the demise of the Horned King.

My thoughts:

Here’s another book that I knew I loved as a kid, but just didn’t get into as an adult. There were way too many places where I found I had spaced out and missed what I had just read. To me, if I’m not pulled into the story, then I just can’t say I loved it. This one, where understandably a classic, just didn’t do that for me. Perhaps it was just a little too black and white for my taste. Still, there was some very good character development. I’ll  have to read the next book in the series to see  if I change my mind, but so far I’ll just give it three out of five.

Things to consider:

There are violent scenes, but other than that the story is pretty mild. I think the age group would be good at around eight, and for both girls and boys.

Opportunities for discussion:

Taran learns to understand the hearts of all creatures, even ones that appear to be detestable or mean on the outside. Use this example to help your children understand that good acts should be offered to all mankind, regardless of their appearance and/or differences.